SAMETRICA renews software assurance certification with Social Value International

SAMETRICA (Incorporated as Social Asset Measurements Inc.) and Social Value International announce the renewal of SAMETRICA’s software compliance certification from Social Value International. SAMETRICA is a Software-as-a-Service platform founded in 2011 that enables enterprises to demonstrate the value of their social spend. Based out of Toronto, Canada, SAMETRICA meets the needs of large-scale clients in the public sector.

SAMETRICA was the first to complete compliance testing of its product with Social Value International (formerly The SROI Network) in 2013. This third party compliance testing ensures that SAMETRICA enables users to capture the information required to complete a Social Value analysis in line with the framework for accounting for value (Value Map) which is used to facilitate the application of the Principles of Social Value. In addition to this recent compliance test, SAMETRICA has also been tested for accuracy of calculations. This included changing all values in a ceteris paribus fashion and checking against blind test results. A process was also undertaken for checking the structure of the underlying data and ensuring data accuracy.

The accreditation process seeks to assess whether or not software demonstrates a satisfactory understanding of, and is consistent with, the Principles of Social Value. Software is reviewed by Social Value UK on behalf of Social Value International and must demonstrate compliance with the Social Value Software assessment criteria in order to be certified. The Social Value Software assessment criteria document can be downloaded from the website here and at Social Value International website via the software directory here.